An unbroken cold

chain is essential to ensuring

product safety, efficacy and quality.

Temperature Controlled Packaging

We produce passive thermal shippers for the transport of perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and biotech products. Our innovative and adjustable solutions are suitable for Life Sciences & Health Care, Food & Perishables, Clinical Studies, Last-Mile and Customized Disturubition. We incorporate IoT enabled monitoring systems to support end to end supply chain visibility and help to reveal inefficiencies across the cold chain.

Temperature-sensitive products are in high demand.

The products must be real-time monitored, tracked, and maintained at the correct temperature.


Ultra Low Temperature

Only EPS

Dry Ice

Ease of use


Mobiqu ULT- 6L.02 thermal passive shipping systems are designed for transportation of pharmaceutical products such as biological samples, vaccines, medications, which should be kept under -20C temperature during transportation. We use dry ice as the temperature conditioner and the system has advanced insulation capability to ship temperature-controlled products between -80C and -20C up to 5 days.



Modular Design

Adjustable Payload

In our reusable parcel solutions, we combine Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIPs) and advanced Phase Change Materials (PCMs) to optimize and preserve temperature, durability and ensure product safety and transit under national and international regulations. As a more environmental-friendly approach that meet all temperature ranges and customer demand, it also reduces the overall carbon footprint in transit, reduces waste and makes it more cost-efficient.

Single Use


VIP (optional)

PCM Gel Packs

Modular Design

Our advanced insulation systems are together with phase change material or coolants to protect desired temperature within the box. Single Use Passive Thermal Insulation Shippers are designed and validated to achieve consistent temperature stability with different options. MobiQu Single Use offers ease of use, reliable and extended protection.

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