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Preserve & Track Your Deliveries

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MobiQu designs and develops next-generation modular box systems that carry over the capabilities between cold chain and last-mile delivery. We offer an integration with temperature control, IoT, and sensors to preserve and track your deliveries. The future of last-mile delivery is fully digital, sustainable, and efficient!

USB standard for delivery

  •  Temperature Control
  •  Real Time Monitoring
  •  Safe Delivery
  •  Hygiene Warranty
  •  Digitization
  •  Data-Driven Service
  •  Ease of Use


A Box Approach to Last-Mile Delivery

Cold Chain

MobiQu Cold Chain specializes on temperature controlled packaging for products that require specific conditions and subject to national and international regulations.

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Smart Box

IoT enabled modular last-mile delivery boxes that ensure the quality of the delivery experience and bridge the gap between what customers expect and what is delivered.

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Contribute to a better world

Every year, making your deliveries more environmentally friendly

Less Carbon Emission

More Efficient

Recyclable Materials

Waste Reduction

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